When we are talking about how certain ads work with various business types.

Like in E-commerce business I focus on pricing and shipping as these are what the users and e-commerce experiences are looking for when they are trying to buy products online 

And if I examine an Industries like lead generation often my focus from the ad standpoint is direct response advertising or getting an actual lead from each individual click. And often you’ll see the description line to the bottom part of an ad is really focused to calls to action which may say call us for a free consultation, fill out a form to get quotes and latest newsletters 

In local businesses, your ads are focused to target your locality to attract your local and the user can easily get to your business. You can even do things like search ad in which you can out your phone number directly into the ad so that the users can call you and you can start the conversation through the mobile phone without even leaving the searched page 

Some of the PPC management goals we specialize in:

Direct response: Where our goal will be to acquire customers from every single ad clicked.

Branding: I can increase your visibility and awareness of your company. Many studies show that when ads are commonly in the top[ results for words they increase unaided and aided brand awareness for the company. 

With PPC management we have the 3 r’s 

  1. Reach 
  2. Relevance 
  3. ROI ( Return on Investment )

With reach you might be a small business targeting to just a small zip-code, you might be an international business whos targeting multiple countries. 

We have relevance, people are already looking for you. They are typing in keywords. So ads and your website offers are highly relevant to your users 

And of course, because it is so measurable you can make sure that you are getting good returns from your page.

So it does not matter if you have a small business, mid-sized business, or an enterprise company, if you’re involved in direct response or branding, our paid search has options that can help you reach those goals.

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